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  • “Their empathy and compassion had shown through in situations where the reality of the day was the case on point! They are true professionals in every sense of the word.”

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Creditor Harassment Lawyers Serving Scranton

One of the most exhausting consequences of debt is the relentless contact from creditors and debt collectors. In a perfect world, these entities would respect your space, communicate honestly and openly, and treat you with the dignity you deserve.

Unfortunately, this is not what every debtor experiences. Some creditors and debt collectors:

  • Call at inappropriate hours
  • Message debtors repeatedly
  • And even use profane language

Fortunately, various state and federal laws protect consumers from creditor harassment, which refers to a set of unacceptable practices that some collectors use to coerce debtors into sending payments.

At Sabatini Freeman, LLC, our job is to identify whether you have experienced creditor harassment and, if so, hold the responsible party accountable in court. Many law firms hesitate to take creditors or debt collectors to court because of the complexities and level of work involved, but we have had immeasurable success with creditor harassment lawsuits.

We work tirelessly to defend our clients’ rights and obtain substantial compensation on their behalf.

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What Is Considered Creditor Harassment?

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) is a federal law that prevents debt collectors from abusing consumers.

Per the FDCPA, debt collectors may not:

  • Threaten you with violence
  • Call too early or late (before 8am or after 9pm)
  • Lie about what you owe, who they are, or what might happen if you don’t pay them
  • Call other people about your debt (except to get your contact information)
  • Report inaccurate information about you to a credit bureau
  • Treat you disrespectfully (e.g. using profane or obscene language)
  • Use any other deceitful, abusive, or harassing tactic

What Damages Are Available for Creditor Harassment?

A debt collector who violates this law may be compelled to pay you:

  • A penalty for breaking the law
  • Compensation for any loss or injury you sustained
  • And attorney fees

At Sabatini Freeman, LLC, we only accept collection harassment cases on a contingency basis, which means we would be paid only out of any amount we recover for you from the defendant. If we do not recover, there will be no fee.

Uniquely Qualified to Handle Your Case

When you bring your case to our firm, you can trust us to handle your legal and financial matter with skill and care. We have filed over 800 cases against debt collectors.

This experience has helped us develop extensive knowledge about the complex laws governing debt collection and consumers’ rights. We are unaware of any other firm in Northeast Pennsylvania with this depth of experience in this area.

Are you ready to utilize our decades of experience? We offer all prospective clients a free consultation, during which we can discuss the way debt collectors have treated you and determine whether you have a case against the agency.

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